Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smelly stuff

No--this blog post is not about bad hygiene. In fact it is about the opposite: bath gel and soap. Yeah, I're disappointed--Americans are so obsessed with their smelly!

I absolutely love Bath and Body Works! Which is a masochistic practice since I suffer from severe allergies! Somehow the intention of utilizing nicely scented floral body spray in an attempt to become alluring to my husband loses it's desired effect when I'm having an allergic fit. Picture a red nose, frenzied sneezing and watering eyes. Yup...not so attractive.

But I still love scented bath gel and body spray. In my younger and more affluent years I would visit the Bath and Body Works store and frequently stock up on Country Apple, Lavender, and Coconut Lime Verbena scents in bath gel, body spray and lotion. I was miserable, yet at the same time simply ecstatic. I was pleasantly!

Today, I find myself with less disposable income yet I still want to be scented so I have found cheaper methods to indulge my masochistic tendencies. One of my favorite ways is to use soap instead of expensive body gel. I go to discount stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall's, or Tuesday Morning and buy quality milled soap. A large bar usually costs anywhere from $3.00-$5.00-- at the most-- and lasts me for months. Typically about three times as long as a body gel bottle from Bath and Body Works.

I find that I can still use my body "puff"--the same one I used with the body gel. The only difference is I thoroughly wet the "puff" and then rub it against the soap bar a few times. And presto--it's a puff (I love that word!) ready for unstoppable bubble-mania. hehehe...Additionally, if I use quality soap my skin does not dry out.

I have also been known to make my own bath gel. I've included an online recipe that allows you to customize it to your own preferences.

So, despite being cash challenged I can still be masochistic and smelly at the same time. Life is good!

New beginnings

And now for something entirely different...if you have read my other blog: Diary of an immigrants wife--or read my profile you may be wondering what I am up to. Normally, my answer would be "up to no good". hehehe

Seriously though, this blog is about "frugalness"--if that's a word. If it isn't..well..I just made up my own word. Won't be the first time nor the last. (God...I just love cliches!)

The title of this blog is "Frugal Frippery" and that sums up my personality pretty accurately. You see, I am a living breathing contradiction. Nowhere on the planet will you find another human being who encompasses paradox more completely than yours truly.

For example: I can be both saint and sinner and teleport between the two at lightening speed, am both nice and bitchy intermittently, extremely mature one moment and childlike the next (my husband can vouch for that), naively optimistic one moment and depressingly cynical the next, excruciatingly excited and then completely bored the following second, oftentimes reasonable and astute but on occasion irrational, dense and stupidly stubborn. (yes Khal, I actually admitted it publicly!). Anyway, no more lists of get the idea I'm sure.

It is no coincidence that I have named this blog Frugal Frippery--a contradiction if ever there was one. My natural state is anything but frugal. I have expensive taste. I enjoy little luxuries. However, in this new austere economy, and the modest size of my bank account I am learning the benefits of being frugal.

So, as I take this educational journey through unknown territory I hope you will join me. Ideally, we will all learn something new during this endeavor. I will offer a new frugal tip at least once a week that saves money by informed grocery shopping, crafting, dining out, clothes buying/maintenance, swapping, bartering, etc. Please do not hesitate to tell me your tips as well. The more the merrier! (Egads...more cliche-speak!)